What Is The Dirk Dzimirsky Technique?

What Is The Dirk Dzimirsky Technique?

What Is The Dirk Dzimirsky Technique?

This technique comes from a very famous German self-taught artist (born 1969) Dirk Dzimirsky who is well known for his series of realistic images capturing dark emotions with his pencils. He is one of the best pencil artists of all time. These images look so real that you wouldn’t be able to find the difference between an actual image and pencil drawings. He tries to bring out those hidden and vulnerable emotions hidden within us. It would be an understatement if we would have to call it just a portrait or a pencil sketch, he creates magic with his bunch of charcoal pencils.

His artworks have been on display all across the world,and they’re quite popular. Goosebumps are guaranteed when one views his works focusing on dark moods. One only can imagine how he could capture all those emotions and add his own emotions to transform a 3D image onto a 2D paper. He intends to capture the lonely, dark emotions not visible to the world, the one which we carry simmering and protecting within ourselves. Few of his noted works are ‘Insomnia,’ ‘Valley of Fears,’ ‘Black Sun,’ ‘Drowning’ and for the TV series ‘The Returned.’

The Process:

It’s called the hyper-realistic structural approach. It begins with artist choosing the emotion he wants to capture in the pencil sketch and then slowly playing around with different emotions and concepts. He captures the image of the model with the right lighting to achieve the mood and the effect he’s looking for,and the imagesare mostly used for reference purposes,but the subject or model is the one who’s considered to draw the sketch. The Dirk Dzimirsky technique uses a combination of carbon, graphite and charcoal pencils to create the effect on a gray paper.

This technique focuses on bringing the dark emotions of a person into the sketches, and the result of it would be a sketch which looks super real, and it would not come as a surprise if you find it difficult to distinguish from the actual photographs.But they’re also quite different from the usual photographs as they carry a structural 2D approach to it.Photographs can only capture the realistic nature of the emotions whereas Dirk Dzimirsky technique captures the structuralnature of it and we can play around the mood and emotions. The time required to create an artwork in this technique is variable from artist to artist as they say great works take a great deal of time.

In the end,it’s your pallet and your board; you can choose all the moods that you want to express feeling free of yourself. Dirk Dzimirsky technique dealt with mostly dark emotions because he strongly felt the need to,but there are no rules here as to what emotion or mood you must choose. Art is another form of expression,and hence you can choose your style and still stick to the technique. Art is limitless like the possibilities for you to experiment with this style of work.

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