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Sketching Tips For Beginners

Do you love sketching? Want to see your name on the top of the best artist? If yes, so, I would say that you should learn some necessary steps and points that could help you in every way to make your presentation better and better. If you are a student and your teacher always say to you to do hard work and do practice, you must always do; as and it is truly said that practice makes the man perfect. But one thing you should keep in mind that if you are doing the wrong practice without knowing the key points then how should you expect that you could ever become good? Right guys? Well definitely! So with this, lets start learning sketching tips for beginners:

What Is The Dirk Dzimirsky Technique?

This technique comes from a very famous German self-taught artist (born 1969) Dirk Dzimirsky who is well known for his series of realistic images capturing dark emotions with his pencils. He is one of the best pencil artists of all time. These images look so real that you wouldn’t be able to find the difference between an actual image and pencil drawings. He tries to bring out those hidden and vulnerable emotions hidden within us. It would be an understatement if we would have to call it just a portrait or a pencil sketch, he creates magic with his bunch of charcoal pencils.

Top 7 Best Pencil Artists in the World

Pencil artists are some of the greatest beings and rarely found talents of the world. […]