3 Outdoor Fitness Races and Their Logos

3 Outdoor Fitness Races and Their Logos

3 Outdoor Fitness Races and Their Logos

Whether you’re holding up to your New Year’s Resolutions, or just curious about different ways to keep yourself fit, it is always crucial to grasp what exactly a specific sport is all about and the key components of the said sport before diving into training. If you have been wanting to maximize your endurance and are looking for a fitness activity to fill up your weekend, races are just the perfect sport for you. Among the tons of races to choose from, it’s important to know how they’re all different and which would be the most suitable for you. Here are 3 outdoor fitness races and how they differ, explicitly focusing on Warrior Dash races, Tough Mudder races, and Spartan Races – learn more details about these races over at OCR Insight. What does this have to do with art? We think the ingenuity behind these three race logos are amazing and articles could learn a lot from them.

Warrior Dash Logo

The Warrior Dash logo features a cool looking Viking helmet that really brings out the “warrior” feeling.

A Warrior Dash race is a 5 kilometer or 3.1-mile race through various obstacles. Pitting the participants through races with the theme of ‘Elements,’ these races can be separated into four categories, namely fire, water, earth,and wind- the four elements of nature. For instance, for water-themed races, participants can expect to get splashed continuously by water, and for earth-themed races, they might have to face obstacles like rock climbing and crawling in the mud. There are also fire-themed races, too, but it is not recommended for the fainthearted. For each race, there are at least twelve obstacles to overcome, and all participants who can finish the race will be awarded a finisher medal.

Tough Mudder Logo

Instead of representing an ancient fighter, the Tough Mudder logo gives the novice more of an idea of what they should expect. After all, you must jump over fire in each race.

As for Tough Mudder races, it differs from Warrior Dashes in a few aspects, one of them being the distance. While Warrior Dashes are typically only three-mile races, Tough Mudder races offer a wide range of distances, from child-centered races of one mile to endurance races of more than ten miles. Another aspect that differentiates Tough Mudder races from others is the fact that these races are designed to help people face their fears and to encourage teamwork. The obstacles in Tough Mudder races are impossible to pass without the help of other participants, who are otherwise absolute strangers to you. Barriers are also designed to contain many commonly feared elements, such as water, fire,and electricity. Of course, Tough Mudder races pay a lot of attention to the safety of the participants, and hence, it is highly unlikely that any injuries will occur.

Spartan Race Logo

The Spartan Logo is my favorite of them all, really throwing back ancient history when Spartans battled in ancient Greece.

Not unlike Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash races, Spartan races are also categorized into a few different categories, namely, Sprint, Super, Ultra, Kids Race, Endurance,and Beast. These categories all test different areas and are of different distances, so it would be wise to check out which of these races fit you the most. However, at the end of the race, all participants will be given a finisher medal, a finisher tee, and racer photos. Spartan Races differ from other races because it has a series that is hosted at literal military bases, which is not surprising because it started off as a spin-off to Death Race, which is an endurance race.

All in all, there are all sorts of races out there to suit different needs and wants. Participants should take note that every race has different requirements and training needed, so it would be advisable to get precise details before the race.

By making some of the physical activities as part of a daily routine, we can improve our health and make us remain fit. The three races like Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder and Spartan race are the best races that one can do to make him or herself fit. Their logos are also beautiful as they have a sort of meaning behind them. Warrior dash logo is very cool looking and by wearing the helmet having this logo brings us a feeling of a warrior. Tough Mudder logo represents an ancient fighter and Spartan race logo represents Ancient History of Spartans battling in ancient Greece.

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